Tuesday, June 22, 2010

How to Get a Quick Link Exchange Partners

How to Get a Quick Link Exchange Partners, simple title but beneficial effects are not that simple. Is a link exchange is an easy way to get backlinks, especially if we can put our link on a website that has a high page rank. the constraint is not necessarily a website will provide a space to exchange backlink. Moreover, our website / blog is still in a state not have a Page Rank.

Partners to exchange links is not an issue that complicated if we could use the facilities Linkmarket website. Linkmarket will help us find a partner who can be invited to exchange links. We will receive notification when there are partners who can work with. a mutually beneficial symbiosis, of course.

To become a member of LinkMaarket then we need to register first. Follow the steps below.
  • Click Join our Link Exchange Directory

  • Fill the registration form available. Do not forget, enter the address of your website / blog  in the Links Page URL.

  • Click Submit Your Site

  • After transferring the data, it appears the report. Continue with the click of a button Click Here on the page. Then you will be taken to the member menu.
  • In the member menu, you can find job exchange links and see repert your day job. LinkMarket will ask you to immediately put up a link from the partner before the expired.

  • In the form Job & History we can see a task that requires us to immediately posted a link. Click Current job to clarify an acceptable job.

LinkMarket allow time to put a link to the page your website / blog. Try to respond to a link that is almost close to expired. Click Add Link button
  • After entering the yard Job Type Add Link we can see information from our partner websites. Copy all the code on the User's Link Code column and enter the code into sidebatrpages your website / blog.

  • Don't forget to enter the URL address of your website / blog on the Confirm Link location column. If you have, click Submite Link's URL.

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