Thursday, June 26, 2014

SemiAuto submitter: Attach 2000 Backlink to Web Directory

SemiAuto submitter is one facility that we can use to promote your website or blog to various web directories that exist. one of them is site, with the service we can send this site to web directories  backlink until 2000 backlink. Before we can make use of such facilities, we need to register first. Followng steps;
  • Go to page
  • Click Join One Way Backlink to register

  • You will be asked to select a category from the web directory. adjusted with the category of your website / blog. If you already click Go.

  • After that you will be requested to complete the data, email addresses, passwords and the URL address of your website / blog. 

  • Don't pressing Submit button, because your account will not be approved. You are required to put the code in column Required for free Membership, the page your website / blog as a partnership. Copy this code.

  • Open your blogger account, then go to the Element Page menu, then click Add Gadgets.
  • Select the gadget HTML / JavaScript, then paste your copy code previously. Click Save.
  • Once completed save the code back to the registration page then click Submit. Once approved, you can login to the member account, enter your email address and password.

  • After successful login, there are few facilities ,  Select Free directories

  • Click Mark As Submited to install a backlink. Try to put a backlink to the web directory that has a PR (Page Rank) high at first.

  • You can enter more than one URL, so the easier we put a backlink to various web directories together. Contents Date Submitted in accordance with the dates when you make the delivery. Contents Link Title with keywords that you wear. Then click Submit.
  • After we send data from your website / blog, will appear confirming that your link has been installed. We can make the delivery the next backlink to the web directory.
  • To add more, go to Manage Your Website on the menu on the left of the website.

  • Enter the URL address of the website / blog that we want to add, then click Add.
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