Sunday, July 27, 2014

Get Backlink of strategy: One Way Backlink, Two-way Backlink and Three Way Backlink

In the discussion this time I will discuss the topic how Get Backlink of strategy. Backlink is one method of SEO is optimistic with how to obtain support from the websites / blogs from others people. Engine seekers, especially google really liked this. Because your website / blog is considered to have high levels of popularity. The more backlinks that we get, the better the outcome will be we can. Good backlink is a backlink from your website / blog that has a rating of Google (Page Rank) high.

Understanding Backlink
Backlink is a link / address of your website / blog which is located on the website / vlog others. The number of backlinks is one indication of the popularity of a webpage / blog. There are three kinds of ways to do a backlink.

   1. One Way Backlink
   2. Two-way Backlink
   3. Three Way Backlink

One Way Backlink
Called a one way backlink if you put your website / blog link on the website other people but your website / blog that other people do not require you to put a link on your web page site. One Way backlinks is very loved by google and other search engines, because a website / blog are considered popular.

Two Way Backlink
 Two Way Backlink is a system whereby both parties get a link from each site. Usually called a link exchange.

Three Way Backlink
Three Way Backlink usually done by a special site that will submit your site to the websites of other parties. Provided you have to put a link site to others at your site first.

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