Wednesday, June 2, 2010

PING - Basic OffPage Optimization SEO Tricks

One more trick that is very important for you to know.. OffPage SEO activities that need to be done by the bloggers is a registered website or blog to multiple search engines and  some Web Directory, as has been alluded to in previous postings.

One way to register a website or blog to search engines is by PING. PING is a service where the search engine will know the existence and publication of a website or blog. Perform regular delivery to the PING add OffPage SEO optimization. There are hundreds of PING in the internet address of the diffuser, but the easiest is and

Now let's try to make the delivery in PING; follow these steps:
1. Go to page
2. The identity of the contents of your website / blog on Get Stared.
3. Scroll to the bottom of the mouse. You can choose an option addresses PING diffuser in accordance with your wishes. If you have, click Go Pingoat.

Actually, the more we do to the registration of hundreds or thousands of search engines, the results obtained will be getting the maximum.
However, nearly 60% of Internet users use Google as a search engine. On that basis, we at least have your blog listed in google search engine.

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