Friday, June 18, 2010

Automatic Register your Website / Blog to The Search Engine

Register your URL address to search engines has become imperative to your website / blog recognizable and in-index by search engines. In my previous article published already discussing utilizing google webmaster tools. However, search engines not just google, there are thousands of search engines on the internet.

As in the web directory, we would have difficulty if it sends the URL address of a website / blog to different search engines manually, one by one. To overcome this, we can turn Auto Submite services from several websites.

Auto Submit to +40 Search Engines
To be able to register or submit the website / blog to 40 search engines you can use the facilities of the wesite below. 
On the website you can set it to search engines where only the URL address of your website / blog will be your place.

The steps are:


  • Then fill the form that appears and enter the verification code, then click Submit

  • URL has been completed in send
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