Sunday, June 6, 2010

Beautify Pages Blog

Many ways to beautify the blog page, one of the tips that would be "Number One in Google" give to visitors is to create an analog clock display to follow the mouse.
Display hours are unique and always follow your mouse movements are at a website or blog would be interesting to look at. Previously, "Number One in Google" would like to thank Kang Fathur who shared their tips.  
This is a friendly member Sohi answer questions on 'Onlymin3' MyBlogLog : "Hi, how r u? Hope e very thing fine I had visited your web site and I had click your ads too. please guide me how you had placed the clock on the web site, ...Instantly, I'll give tipsnya, How do I made it? 
The steps are as follows:
1.Log into your blogger account.
2. Click on the bar and then click on the Layout --> Edit HTML
3. Find the code like this ]]></b:skin>  See you copy and paste the following script code below the above code ]]></b:skin>

4. Later search code <head> and copy and paste the script below in the red codes.

5. Later click on Save Template
  • If the above steps did not work, chances are caused because the are not allowed or does not fit your template.
  • Try to do the following:
On your edit page Layout --> Add a Gadget --> HTML/JavaScript  then copy-paste the following script code into the HTML / JavaScript page.
Good luck - Hope Successfully
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