Thursday, June 3, 2010

PING on Google - OffPage Optimization SEO Tricks

Google has the PING facility. Even from the facility is deemed faster google indexing pencarian.Ikutilah following steps to perform PING on google.

1. Open the url address of this link PING on Google

2. Fill your website / blog, then click Submit Blog

Websites and blogs Tricks to being number one in google:
In addition to registering your website / blog on search engine optimization SEO OffPage technique can also be done with a link exchange. Make a good partnership with the bloggers to exchange links.
The more you link to the blog attached to another person, the higher the level of popularity. Besides Page Rank can be compelled, SEO can follow.

Submit your articles also wrote to several Articles Directory to add a link link from your website / blog. As well as the promotion of the article that you have created. In addition to our article directory can also send a backlink from our website / blog to web directories.

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