Friday, June 4, 2010

Strength Content In SEO Strategy

As war strategy, the main force that must be built is in our own defenses. This is the same as we have to do for a strong SEO strategy in terms of content. With the advantage of content, we are able to build a personal defense and weapons behind to create a blog we can be number one in google.

Need we all know that the interesting content would be able to bring more value to a website or blog. The authenticity of someone writing would be appreciated rather than just copy-paste it. The uniqueness of the writing, style that is presented, a new info, the benefits of writing, from the typical content of a blog will be a unique characteristic of the author.

People will come back to the same blog that blogs are always present when writing articles for the benefit of others. So besides playing SEO, content must also be built in order to be able to attract the attention of others.

Now how to use the content to be used as a weapon SEO to achieve number one position in google? 

There are two ways that will be discussed, and look forward to visit this blog on the issue of the next article.
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