Saturday, May 29, 2010

Utilizing Google Analytics to Support the SEO OnPage

One way websites and blogs tricks to support activities in order OnPage SEO your website / blog to be number one in google, we can take advantage of Google Analytics facilities to determine the level of traffic density from a website or blog.

Using Google Analytics we can create a report about the traffic your website / blog within daily, weekly or monthly. To get the facility of google this, first we need to register first.

  1. Go to Google Analytics addresses at  If your difficulties in language that is in use, you can choose your language settings in the corner of the display site.
  2. Click register now if you do not already have an account in Google Analytics.
  3. Enter your email address and password to open a new account on Google Analytics. Then click Sign In. 

4. After you enter your email address will appear as the page below.
    Click Sign Up to continue   the registration process.

    5.  Enter your website URL address. And set the Time Zone Country or Region and then click Continue.

    6.  Fill in your personal data, then click Continue.

    7. Put a check in the bottom of the form as a condition of approval that you abide by the rules of Google Analytics.

    8. Then click create a new account, so you can sign in to Google Analytics

    9. After entering the new page, then you'll see below. On this page you are asked to put the HTML script code that has been provided to existing HTML pages on your website / blog.
    Do not click finish in the bottom of the form HTML script, but just go to a blogger account first. Copy first script.

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