Monday, May 17, 2010

Foreword Google Shared Experiences

Two years already hanging out with my "uncle" google, tips tricks and information have been tried, but results are still unsatisfactory to improve rankings in search engines "uncle" google, let alone to get approval google ad account.

This is the 5th blog I've made, in the hope that with information tips and tricks that I get this time can improve the pagerank in google and become number one in search engines "uncle" google. And will be even happier when I get my google adsense approval.

Although the tips and tricks that will I apply and I will share with visitors of this blog is still including a mediocre, but with the proper settings and consistent on his blog hopefully will be achieved.

With pleasure I will share with visitors of my blog. Hopefully this will be helpful for me and you all. For friends and visitors who have requested my senior your input and knowledge about the topics I mentioned above. I would appreciate any suggestions and comments for the progress of your blog. Thank you for your comments and suggestions.
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