Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Supporting elements of SEO (Continued)

This is a continuation of the posting / article Supporting elements of SEO We recommend you read the article first before proceeding to this article.
4. Meta Description
Meta description is no less important with meta keywords, meta is in second place it on your website or blog so that search engine is easy to find your website or blog. Keyword and description of the right will bring your website / blog are in the top of google search engines.
Just like meta keywords, the steps to use meta description is as follows:
  1. Enter the code above in Layout -->  Edit HTML      
  2. Place the code between the meta keywords <head> and </head>
  3. Keyword could be written on the item If more than one can be separated by commas (,).
5. Content relevance
In the blog content we can list and provide correlation between the content of each article with the keyword post. So we always try to be consistent with what we wrote in the article with all the correlations for keywords, title, and description of the blog. the more we repeat and entering keywords into the contents of the article, so our blog will increasingly be in the top google search engine.

6. Sitemap
Sitemap is a parable as a map on our blog. With the sitemap for the blog will more easily be recognized by search engines.

7. Natural Listing
Which is one element that is in use for SEO optimization by way of registering our website / blog to search engines as well as to web directories. Do not need much, but we chose the web high level of popularity and is often used by Internet users.


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