Friday, May 28, 2010

SEO Optimization With OnPage and OffPage Technique

 One trick to websites and blogs to beind number one in google that is by SEO Optimization With OnPage and OffPage Technique. SEO techniques can be divided into two types, namely:
  •      OnPage
  •      OffPage
OnPage SEO is done by way of set from the website / blog, such as maximizing the keywords and description to be more easily tracked by search engines.
OffPage While SEO is utilizing the space outside the blog, for example by including or share links / banners. This method is regarded as an effective way to increase the popularity of a website / blog.

Basic SEO Optimization Tricks OnPage

There are some things that need to be noticed and conducted a website or blog if you want to be number one in google. Some basic principles of SEO optimization is to OnPage:
  1. Arrange the meta HTML, such as making appropriate correlation between the keywords, description and content.
  2. Noting the title of the article each time we post the article. The title of the article is very influential on the search process on google search engine.
  3. Noting that each word in the article. In the article, we can do OnPage SEO with emphasis on the words that is nearly equal to the keywords that we have.
  4. Make the first sentence of first paragraph to include keywords and blog description.
  5. Provide a unique code on A Few HTML tags. That cans used include HTML tags

    <h3>words that contain keywords<h3>
    <p>words that contain keywords<p>
    <b>words that contain keywords<b>
    <em>words that contain keywords
    <strong>words that contain keywords<<strong>

     6. Provide a link in the keyword tag. Sample HTML code links in general tag:

      <a href=""> Click Here </>

    Use the link tag will be optimized if we use HTML tags such as below:

    <a href=""
    title=" keyword "</a>

     7. Enter a keyword in the picture. Every time upload a picture into the article, we should put the keywords in between two quotation marks ("") after alt text This is an image could not be recognized by search engines, for that we enter a keyword in the alt to support OnPage SEO we do, as an example:

    <a href="" title="keyword&quo;</a><img border="0"


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