Tuesday, May 18, 2010

24 Hour Blog

It was undeniable, search engines are very reliable and most widely used by netters now is google. Thus, we who have a blog or website should always be friendly and establish a closer relationship with "uncle" google.

 This will have a major impact for our blog or website development, both in terms of terindek, page rank, the number of traffic, appeared on the first page on google search engine and many more advantages and benefits. The problem now is how effective and quick way to achieve that goal. Each blog or website owner of course have their own ways, depending on how much knowledge we have of course also be influential.
In the following discussion I as a beginner in the world of blogs and web, will try to discuss and provide simple tips and tricks but still gives a great effect on the ratings blog and our website.

Today is Tuesday, May 18, 2010 where the blog is a new right created 24 hours, with the condition has not been indexed in google, I have never had a visit, not listed in any search engine and do not have a ranking in alexa. And all the department has not yet ......

We will try to prove step by step to improve the status of this blog in the future with simple tips.
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