Thursday, May 20, 2010

Supporting elements of SEO

 In previous posts we've mentioned eight basic elements supporting SEO. Now we discuss the basic elements one by one. But it is good before reading this article you read the article SEO Optimization To Improve Blog Visitor Count first.

1. The connection of a domain name
The workings of search engines to your website / blog is to adjust from the Among the keywords in the domain name entered by a website / blog That has indexed. So the proper considerations need to choose a domain name before you buy. That need to so do is choose a domain name Which May include material from mixing the contents of a website / blog.

2. Title
The use and placement of a title will help a website / blog to compete for top search engine google.
For that earned the title of the blog or article has a correlation between the keywords and a description of the contents of a website / blog.
3. Meta Keyword
Metadata will include all information to a data. This also applies to your website / blog. So to insert metadata into a web / blog we can insert / use meta tags . Meta keywords and meta description is metadata that is useful to support the SEO. 
If the meta keywords you select and enter the match, and according to the keywords entered into search engines by internet users, then your website / blog will appear among the millions of websites / blogs that exist.

While not all Internet users do not use the same search engine, and there is a search engine does not use meta keywords for search, it's good you still use meta keywords.

Meta keywords code which we set to ease searchers engine find your website or blog with us is as follows:

< meta content='keyword of your choice' name='keyword'/>

Here are the steps to enter a keyword in the bloggers say
  1. Enter the code above in Layout -->  Edit HTML
  2. Place the code between the meta keywords < h e a d> and < /head>
  3. Keyword could be written on the item If more than one can be separated by commas (,).

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